Our Hardware Engineering team has experience spanning multiple industries including industrial equipment, mobile electronics, automotive equipment and consumer appliances. We become a seamless extension of your team, providing digital and analog design services. Our team can conduct feasibility studies and requirements development as well as execute design and facilitate fabrication of prototypes. We employ industry standard tools to develop circuit schematics, harnessing and printed circuit board production level documentation. Our team is proficient in architecting and coding embedded firmware and leveraging our hardware and firmware expertise to form a cohesive team with our skilled software developers. This intimate collaboration is vital during final product integration and we take full advantage of this relationship to provide the best possible realization of your project.



Requirements Capture and Management • Architecture Design • Circuit Design • Printed Circuit Board Design • Circuit Analysis • Circuit Simulation • Firmware Design • Prototyping • Test and Validation • EMC Pre-tests


Microprocessor/Microcontroller Design including 8bit (8051 based variants, PIC, AVR) and 32bit platforms with or without MMU (ARM TDMI7, ARM Cortex M0/3/4, ARM 9 and ARM Cortex A7/8/15 from TI, NXP, ST, Atmel, Maxim, AllWinner ) • CPLD logic design (Xilinx) • High Speed Memory Design (DDR, DDR2, DDR3, LP DDR) • High Speed Digital Design (LVDS, Ethernet) • Standard Serial Communication (UART – RS232/422/485, CAN, I2C, SPI, LIN) • Switch mode power supply (DC from DC, DC from mains, PoE) • Motor Control • RF and Wireless communications (Zigbee, BT, WiFi, GPS, GSM GPRS/3G) • Sensor integration (temperature, pressure, weight, flow, position & orientation etc.) • Rigid PCB design (single and multi layer) • Flex PCB design • Firmware design in C and C++ • Design for EMC and EMC Pre-test • Integration with mechanical CAD systems